Welcome to Stars & Stripes Learning Academy. We are extremely honored that you have chosen us to be a part of your child’s learning experience. When you bring your child to Stars & Stripes Learning Academy we realize that you are leaving your heart with us to care for and educate. We do not take that lightly. At Stars & Stripes Kids Activity Center our goal is to provide children's educational programs through physical activity that far exceed the norm. Our programs are specifically designed to meet the needs of each individual child. Our mission statement is and will always be: To build self-esteem, strength and dreams. We offer a safe and kind learning environment where the “child” comes first.

We put a lot of passion into developing programs that will not only challenge your child's physical abilities, but will also enhance their self-esteem, discipline, gross and fine motor development, creativity and imagination. We want to give each child that comes to our academy many wonderful activities and challenges that they will look forward to. We want to make learning fun!

Our program is designed to ensure your child’s seamless transition to Kindergarten. Children will have the opportunity to learn about themselves, each other, and the world around them through meaningful, enriching experiences. We will strive each and every day to prepare your child intellectually, emotionally and physically for Kindergarten.

Once again, we would like to welcome you and thank you for giving us the opportunity to work with your child. This is something that each member of our staff does not take lightly. Please know that we are always here for the child and the family. Together we can make great things happen!


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