Philosophy of the Stars & Stripes Competitive Program

         The purpose of the Competitive Team program is to bring each of our athletes to their maximized potential in competitive gymnastics while helping her develop an emotional strength that will guide her through the sport and beyond. In addition to learning gymnastics skills we want every gymnast to gain life skills and attributes that represent strong character. Competitive gymnastics at Stars & Stripes Gymnastics Academy will give gymnasts an opportunity to develop poise, discipline, mental toughness, determination, appreciation for dedicated effort, and self-respect. It is our goal that through competitive gymnastics we can help children achieve the skills to become strong, confident athletes and people.

         We will offer every gymnast the best professional instruction in a well-organized, quality program along with an intense, but motivating environment where the athletes are expected to give their all. We will strive to provide the emotional and physical discipline needed for competitive gymnastics within a structure that will give support, encouragement and a “never settle for less then your best” mentality. We want to produce athletes that have pride, confidence, and a drive to push their limits.

Competitive Team Mission

        It is our goal to bring every young athlete to her fullest potential in competitive gymnastics. The Stars & Stripes staff is extremely passionate about their role in guiding gymnasts through training and helping them develop into strong, disciplined athletes both mentally and physically. We hope to install emotional strength that will help them excel in the sport and beyond. Our program puts an emphasis on discipline, perseverance, mental awareness and team unity. We are dedicated to offering every gymnast the best professional instruction in an organized program that sets a high standard. We will strive to bring out the best in every gymnast.

What is the Xcel Program?

        Stars & Stripes introduced the Xcel Program in the fall of 2006. Our teams have competed in six seasons thus far, and have proven to be extremely successful. Over the past years we have had four state championship teams and over 20 individual state champions. The program is still fairly new to the state of Michigan and USA Gymnastics, however everyone has enjoyed the program immensely, therefore it is continuing to grow. It is a great experience for gymnasts who love the sport, and it is a great opportunity to be a part of a team. The Xcel Program at Stars & Stripes is not a path to the Junior Olympic program, it is rather an entity of itsí own. Xcel gymnasts will have the opportunity to work their way up the levels within the Xcel Program.

        Xcel gymnasts (except Bronze) will compete in approximately 5 meets per year (meet season usually runs January through May), however a year round commitment to gymnastics is necessary. Competitions are all held in the state of Michigan.

Xcel Levels

        There are 5 levels in the USAG Xcel Program; Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum & Diamond. All competing athletes must be USAG Athletic Members. Gymnasts will be evaluated and placed in a level where they will be successful. Form, technique & execution will be strongly evaluated. We are not looking for how many skills a gymnast can perform, rather how well they can perform their skills. The competitive season begins in January and ends with a state meet in May. Gymnasts will compete approximately 4-6 hours a week (depending on their level).

For more information about the Pre Team Program please E-mail or call the
Team Director-Cassie Davis at (248)625-3547.




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