At Stars & Stripes Kids Activity Center our goal is to provide children's educational programs through physical activity that far exceed the norm. Our programs are specifically designed to meet the needs of the children of all ages and skill levels. We believe every child deserves the opportunity to feel the empowerment of athletics. Our classes offer extreme physical challenges, which are great foundations for every sport. Besides the physical attributes the activities provide, they are also highly beneficial for children's self-esteem, attitude and mental well-being.

Our mission has always been to build self-esteem, strength and dreams. We provide a safe and kind training environment where the "child" comes first. The amazing, talented instructors at Stars & Stripes will do just that. We do not measure our success by the number of trophies on our shelves, but by the smiling faces that walk through our doors. We hope that some of the life lessons learned from gymnastics will be such things as: confidence, leadership, self-motivation, life long fitness knowledge and team work.

Thank You for the opportunity you have given us to teach your children. It is an honor and a privilege, neither of which is taken lightly. Please enjoy your journey with us; we are extremely delighted to have you along!


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