At Stars & Stripes we put a great deal of pride into our competitive gymnastics programs, and are committed to providing a quality, high-energy foundation where gymnasts can grow and excel. We will offer every competitive gymnast professional instruction, in a safe, well-organized program where they will be challenged and have the opportunity to reach their fullest potential.  In addition to teaching gymnastics skills we believe it is crucial in the development of an athlete to place value on character education by emphasizing attributes such as pride, perseverance, discipline, responsibility, dedication and determination. It is our goal that through competitive gymnastics and the framework of our program, we can help children become strong, confident athletes and people. The Stars & Stripes staff is extremely passionate about their role in guiding young gymnasts through gymnastics training and providing them with the tools to be champions in the sport and in life.

        At Stars & Stripes we offer two separate competitive gymnastics programs to suit the different needs of gymnasts and their families, the Junior Olympic Competitive Gymnastics Program and the Xcel Competitive Gymnastics Program.  Both programs are sanctioned by USA Gymnastics (the governing body of gymnastics in the United States), and both provide gymnasts with the opportunity to compete as well as the experience of being on a team. Year-round training is necessary for both competitive programs. Children who love gymnastics, show enthusiasm toward physical challenges, and are motivated to learn are excellent candidates for being invited to one of the competitive gymnastics teams offered at Stars & Stripes. 

        Gymnasts en route to the Junior Olympic Competitive Team will typically be invited to the Junior Olympic Pre Competitive Program, where they will begin preparing for competition by using the pre team as a stepping stone. They will be placed at a pre team level that suits their ability. Gymnasts who are en route to the Xcel Program will typically move through the recreational program, however they may choose the Xcel Program after completing pre team levels. Gymnasts who have achieved all of the goals for the Shooting Stars class (most advanced recreational class), are at least 10 years of age and meet all other criteria, may be invited to the Xcel Team. We understand that every child develops at their own rate, which is why we provide many different options for every child’s unique needs. We make it a priority to place gymnasts at a level where they will ultimately be successful. 




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