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Let’s be honest, learning to play a musical instrument is not the easiest choice of extracurricular activities. It not only requires lesson participation, but also practice and lots of parent support. It is however one of the only activities that teaches a skill that can be used and enjoyed for a lifetime. It is worth the extra effort!

All piano classes are individualized to YOUR child’s needs. Every child learns differently. Some learn better by ear, some by sight, and others by touch. We are big on LISTENING to what your child loves and to what your child loves-maybe-not-so-much and trying to increase the pleasurable part. Sure, they will have to play scales and learn to read, but if you keep the FUN in FUNDAMENTAL, the result is self-satisfaction and possibly applause.

Piano Lesson Availability

Summer Flex July 2, 2018 - August 24, 2019 Schedule

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Piano FAQ's
How old should my child be to start piano lessons?
Students can begin taking lessons as early as first grade and occasionally as young as 5 years old as long as they can sit still for 25 minutes. But you don't have to be "young" to start. You can begin to play piano at ANY age.
Will I need to buy sheet music?
Yes. All students will start with three required books (lesson, theory and technique & artistry). Books can be purchased at Stars & Stripes. As a student progresses, you will need to add more books to your student's "library".
What if my child has already taken lessons elsewhere?
No problem! Just bring the books you have to the first lesson. We can start anywhere.
Is there a piano recital?
Piano students have one recital each year to showcase what they have learned. It is an optional, low pressure event where the teacher will help your child prepare months in advance. The recital will be held in the Spring.