Pre Team

INSPIRING an achievement mindset, in a HIGH ENERGY environment through athletic development. We are committed to delivering a POSITIVE, IMACTFUL experience where athletes can build a FOUNDATION to THRIVE anywhere as athletes AND people.

The Pre Competitive Program

General Pre Team Overview

The Pre Competitive Program is designed to prepare young gymnasts for future competition by building a strong mental and physical foundation for future advancement. Pre competitive gymnasts at Stars & Stripes are provided with a goal-oriented environment to further build upon their abilities with other gymnasts who share similar potential and drive. Pre team gymnasts will train twice weekly and have the opportunity to participate in fun meets held at Stars & Stripes to gain competitive and performance experience for future competition. Pre team members will progress to either the Xcel Competitive Team or the Developmental competitive (from the pre team).  

There are 3 levels within the pre team program along with additional modified pre team levels which bridge the gap between pre team and competitive gymnastics. Pre competitive gymnastics training at Stars & Stripes Athletics will provide young athletes with a great foundation for the sport of gymnastics and overall athleticism in general.

Building the Foundation


Gymnastics is a fantastic sport for children to use as a platform to gain life skills and confidence while having an enjoyable experience with their peers. Competitive athletes have the opportunity to build a strong foundation both physically and mentally for the sport (and life) by learning the necessary tools to not only survive but THRIVE.

Physical Foundation – strong fundamental skills, muscular strength, flexibility, coordination, speed and power.

Mental Foundation – perseverance, accountability, resilience, confidence and a productive mindset.


Competitive Paths

We want every athlete to have the opportunity to participate in competitive gymnastics in some capacity if they wish to do so. We recognize that every child has unique needs, goals and abilities; which is why we offer two competitive paths, the Xcel Competitive Program and the Developmental Competitive program.

Each program with provide athletes with the opportunity to compete in USA Gymnastics sanctioned events offering different levels of intensity and time commitment. Aspiring competitive gymnasts will typically begin in the pre team program, then they will continue they competitive training in either the Developmental or Xcel competitive program.